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A full range of protection services is customized to meet your needs. Security management & allied services are among our specialized offerings. Our customized security solutions for events include protection & security.

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Dragoons Security will keep you safe.
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Whether you need CCTV monitoring or manned guards, we have you covered at Dragoons Security. No matter what you need from us, our team will deliver world-class customer service day or night.













We are a premier security firm, offering a wide range of security solutions and services.


Static Guarding

Our static security services will protect your property 24/7. With a qualified guard on site who is highly trained and certified to keep your home and business safe.

Static Mobile Petrol

We deploy both static and mobile patrol teams for your safety. Our staff includes both guards and patrols who work hand-in-hand to ensure the security of your business, construction site, residential compound, etc., 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Experienced Management Team

Dragoons Security has an experienced management team that has been working in the field of security for over 20 years.

They oversee every detail of our operations to ensure that only the best is offered to our clients.

Property Security Management & Support Services

We take care of it all

We take care of everything – From evaluating and securing the perimeter, exterior and interior of the property to designing security plans and measures that are required to prevent theft, vandalism, workplace violence, rioting and any other activity that can impact your property negatively. We also provide complete protection for your property from any external threats.

Expertise in Property Security

With over two decades of experience in providing Property Security Management Services to both private & public sectors, our team is well versed in handling any situation with expertise. Our team has the knowledge & skills required to provide solutions which are customized to suit individual requirements.

Instils Peace of Mind

The peace of mind that comes with comprehensive security solutions designed by experts is priceless. It’s not just about burglary or robbery prevention but also about safety from attacks or intrusion into sensitive areas.

Event Security

Dragoons Security offers a full range of security solutions to protect any type of event in Dubai, UAE. Our security personnel are discreet and highly trained to handle every situation with expertise and professionalism.

We secure the perimeter

We know that every event is different, and we will customize our services to provide the best security for your event. We work with you to create a detailed plan of how we will secure your event site and ensure effective access control measures are put in place.

We evaluate threats

It’s crucial to properly assess the threats posed by an event. This informs our planning and helps us identify potential risks from which we can then create a strategy for mitigating them.

More than just security

We are dedicated to creating the safest, most secure environment possible for you and your attendees by providing a range of services including perimeter, exterior and interior protection.

You're in good hands

Our event security personnel are highly trained, licensed professionals with significant experience in the industry. We have extensive experience handling all types of events, large or small. Rest assured that your event will be safe under our watchful eyes.

Security Allied Services & Consultancy

Dragoons Security is a licensed and certified security consultancy agency that provides security services in Dubai. We have the right credentials and experience to design the perfect security solution for your company.

Total Security Solutions

Our team of experts will help you with developing security plans, designing your building, performing audits and surveys, and providing guard force operations management and static guard force services. You can trust us to make sure your premises are safe.

We'll help you make informed decisions

Whether you’re looking for some advice on how to fix a security risk or simply want some recommendations on how best to secure a particular area, our experts can provide valuable insight from their years of experience in the industry.

Safety is our first priority!

We always put safety first because we understand how important it is to the success of your business. That’s why at Dragoons Security, we take all necessary measures to create a safe environment that protects people while they work or visit your premises.

CCTV Monitoring

Dragoons Security is a leading provider of CCTV monitoring and surveillance services in Dubai. We have a highly trained team for surveillance and recording management, and we offer 24×7 service.

We're always there for you

We provide 24×7 CCTV monitoring services, so you can rest assured that your property is safe at all times. Our highly trained team will be on the lookout for any suspicious activity and will be able to communicate with on-field security in case of an emergency.

Peace of mind

You can trust us to keep your property safe. We have a highly trained team that will be on the lookout for any suspicious activity and will be able to communicate with on-field security in case of an emergency.

Security - simplified

When it comes to providing peace of mind, we don’t believe in shortcuts. Our team has been professionally trained and certified to provide you with the highest quality of service and support, 24 hours a day.

Cost-efficient and sustainable

At Dragoons Security, we’re committed to providing you with an affordable service that will last for years to come. Our team is highly skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of surveillance and monitoring operations, so you can rest assured knowing that your investment is well taken care of.