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At Dragoons Security, we are committed to protecting what matters most to you. We provide customized security solutions and services across diverse industries including hospitality, commercial, government, educational, construction and more.

About Us


Headquartered in Dubai, U.A.E. is established to provide customized and leading edge security services and solutions.

The company aims to create a safe and secure environment with a sharp focus on security.

We understand our client’s requirements and extend our services in close co-operation and customized security solutions.

We offer a full range of security services to help you protect your family, your home, and your business. Our team is committed to making sure you have peace of mind with the knowledge and skills to provide a safe future.

You’re not only our customer; you’re our partner in crime prevention!

Our History


DRAGOONS SECURITY SERVICES L.L.C. tracks its origin from India. It is a subsidiary company of GURUBANI SECURITY PVT LTD (GSPL) which was established in 1997.

Certified under ISO 9001:2015, GSPL is one of the leading security service providers in India with over 2500 highly trained personnel.

Under the leadership of MAJOR JAGJIT SINGH KALSI (retd), the Owner & Managing Director of GSPL, Dragoon Security was conceived to expand in the Middle East.

Dragoons security is proud to be a part of the GSPL group that has expanded globally with strategic business plans and expertise in 5 geographies: MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, SRI LANKA, AUSTRALIA & NEPAL.

Security matters

Our range of services is designed to cater to the demands of different clients, from guarding individual properties to managing the security system across entire buildings. Our staff members are highly skilled, qualified, and experienced in all areas of security services, which ensures you receive the most effective possible service.

Whether it is protecting your employees, safeguarding your assets, or providing a safe workplace, Dragoons Security can handle it all. With a history of providing quality solutions that ensure the safety and well-being of individuals, organizations, and their infrastructure, we take great pride in our ability to deliver excellent customer service.

Why Choose Us


Our company, in association with global giants in the industry like, GSPL , has acquired experience in various geographies across the globe. We understand the requirements and expectations of the international client .
Being a subsidiary of the GSPL group, Dragoons Security beings in more than 20 years of expertise and experience. With over 250 clients, over 20 years in the roster, Dragoons Security, with it’s highly efficient team, is sure to deliver to your satisfaction.
Dragoons Security Services is led by strong, service oriented team with vast experience in Military and Paramilitary forces. Having served for 15+ years in the military & paramilitary forces in India, the Managing Director our company Major (retd) Jagjit Singh Kalsi brings in the dedication & discipline of the armed forces.

Our Core Values

Keeping you safe is our top priority. Let us tailor a security solution for you.

Customer Focus

Our team works with our clients & customers in sync as a team. Keeping the requirements of our clients is our top priority. We customize our services that are tailor-made for the client. Client satisfaction is what our company strives for.

Team Work

Dragoons Security Services believes that : together we are stronger. With open communication & common goal of attaining perfection. We develop trust & respect within our team, our vendors, associates and partners.


We are committed to the highest standard of professionalism by pursuing innovation, teamwork & acting decisively. We believe in pursuing long-standing customer relationships by delivering top-notch service consistently.


We realize that change in needs & requirements of the company & clients is not only inevitable but also welcomed in Dragoons Security Services. We are committed to evolving & improving our services by being flexible & accommodating to the client's needs.


We at Dragoons believe that the secret of success is open communication. We practice this virtue within our team & more importantly with our clients. As our motto states: perfection in protection can only be achieved by communicating clearly & regularly.


Branching from our commitment to open communication with our clients, vendors & our team. We at Dragoons endorse & practice complete transparency. Our clients can rely on us for honesty & transparency throughout our service tenure.


We at Dragoons conduct ourselves with absolute integrity in all our activities and functions. With a strong moral spine, our company honours this virtue with the highest regard.


Dragoons Security Services unwaveringly practices & observes these principles. We are constantly in pursuit of perfection & excellency in our services.

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Having years of experience in the field, our security experts are ready to assist you in finding the solution you need.

Our Team

Meet Our Expert Team

We are a team of security experts dedicated to making sure you are safe and secure. We are committed to helping you protect your family, your home, and your business in the safest way possible. Our team will stand by you every step of the way with the knowledge and skills to provide peace of mind.


Major Jagjit Singh Kalsi

Chairman & Managing Director

Major Jagjit Singh Kalsi is the founder of Gurubani Security Pvt. Ltd., which was established in 1997. Prior to entering the security business, Maj. Kalsi served in the Corps of Artillery of the Indian Army where he was involved in major battle exercises and served in high altitudes and varied terrains under extreme weather conditions.



Executive Manager

Saanya is passionate about empowering the people around her and the organizations in which she works. Saanya is a former architect who founded a successful event planning company. It is her goal to grow Dragoons into a strong, healthy, and well-known security company.